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Welcome to our annual REGE update, marking the 22nd year that REGE has been in operation – and what a year it’s been!

Our important early intervention (EI) work continues in partnership with local organisations in rural Uttaranchal, northern India, giving local families access to mainstream education and government funding as well as physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and specialist educational support in the crucial early years of their child’s life. Four year old Suryansh joined the programme in 2020 and is now able to walk using both legs with wall support – just one of many children whose lives have been changed by this crucial early support.

The six EI centres are run by local staff trained by local partners Raphael, supporting 52 children with physical and learning disabilities. We are delighted with the success of this programme and have confirmed REGE’s involvement over the coming years.

The EI project also delivers disability training to rural health and community workers, and anganwadi (nursery) workers. The team also offers assessments and advice to local families who have concerns about their children who may be disabled. This year, training has been delivered to over 154 staff in these districts and assessments and advice given to families about approx. 52 children.

In our other partnership with the Agnes Kunze Foundation, REGE continues to provide start-up funds and grants for Disabled People’s Groups (DPG) to use for vocational training or to purchase equipment for their vocational project. So far 3 groups have accessed the fund to. Two used the fund to start up mushroom growing businesses (button and oyster mushrooms) and the third one used the fund to establish a mask making business. These have worked well and provided profit to the DPGs. Due to COVID restrictions this work had to be adapted and support was given to the groups via phone calls, zoom platforms as well as some in person visits. All three projects have been profitable, and REGE will consider supporting them further next year, alongside using the fund to support other DPGs.

As a small charity, REGE relies on the generosity of supporters to continue to make a difference. Thank you! If you have enjoyed this update and would like to make an extra donation to support our work, please follow this link:


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