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News for 2021

Onwards and upwards! (Supporter newsletter June 21)

I am delighted to update our supporters on a year where the REGE projects have continued to make a difference to the lives of disabled children and adults in a year like no other.

Our Outreach Early Intervention project has now increased to serve 6 areas in the rural area around Dehra Dun. Limited home visits were supplemented this year with telephone meetings and online teaching for 121 disabled children and their parents. This meant that 6 year old Asad could access lessons from home, supported by his mother, and through hard work and exercises can now stand and walk with minimal support. Importantly, parents and teachers are supported too, helping to change the lives of many more children.

Our most exciting new initiative is with the Hope Foundation, offering grants to disabled people’s groups to set up vocational projects. This year we have seen two mushroom growing and one mask making project launched, all enjoying some success in their first year, and also learning some valuable lessons to increase their success going forwards. All three projects are keen to continue to develop and expand, and the REGE trustees hope to see more applications in the coming year. It is exciting to see the impact of a single modest payment of £100 in supporting disabled people’s groups to develop a livelihood.

Hopefully this coming year will offer greater stability and allow these and all our projects to continue to flourish. As a small charity, REGE relies on your generous support, and we would like to thank you once again for the enormous difference your support has made to the lives of so many. Please share our story with family and friends, so that our network of supporters can grow and help us make an even bigger difference.


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