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REGE News 2020

REGE Update 2019/20 – An Extraordinary Year

Perhaps at this time of global uncertainty our project partners in India feel a little closer than usual, as we share the experience of life in lockdown and the challenge of continuing to provide support where it is needed. Among the many challenges that this year has brought us all, I am delighted to update you on what has been a fantastic year for the REGE Foundation.

Our vital Early Intervention programme has now been extended to reach young disabled children and their families across six blocks surrounding Dehra Dun. We are so proud of this work, now supporting 104 young disabled children and their families with physio-, speech and language therapy that can have a significant positive impact on a young child’s development. As well as helping the children to access education in the classroom, training and guidance is provided to families to help them access Government benefits and maximise the support they give to their children. A wider training programme provides support to nursery workers and parents, reaching an additional 200 children in the last year.

Abdul attends the Vikasnagar Block centre once a week, and his mother has been taught exercises to continue with him at home. From very limited mobility, he is now learning to walk using the parallel bar.

As mentioned in our last update, we are delighted to say that we are now offering grants for disabled people’s groups around Dehra Dun, through our partnership with the Agnes Kunze Foundation. Groups are encouraged to apply for an initial grant (equivalent to £100) to pay for training or equipment for a vocational project, with the chance to apply for a further loan to support the development of their project. We are excited to see what range of schemes this attracts, and will monitor its success over the coming months, so please expect a further update next year.

As a small charity, REGE relies on your generous support, and we would like to thank you once again for the enormous difference your support has made to the lives of so many. Please share our story with family and friends, so that our network of supporters can grow and help us make an even bigger difference.


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